Quality Drywall Products from Cabot Gypsum

Are you looking for high-quality boards at amazing prices? At Acadia Marjam, we sell Cabot Gypsum drywalls, a world recognized manufacturer of quality products. Perfect for commercial, residential and industrial constructions, these drywalls are available to you through our ten locations in Atlantic Canada provinces, as well as in Quebec and Ontario. Contact us to get information on our competitive prices and delivery services!

Cabot Gypsum offers products with different features:

Mold and moisture resistant

Abuse resistant
Exterior sheathing
Vinyl ceiling tiles

Visit CABOT GYPSUM’S WEBSITE to learn more.

Because Drywall Goes with Plaster

If you are also in need of plaster products, Acadia Marjam has conceived the Platinum Lite Compound, a light all-purpose and ready-to-use joint compound. Its specificities allows for various applications, such as with gypsum or concrete.